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I have been a licensed mental health professional for over 20 years, and have practiced neurofeedback for over 15 years. My office is a private practice setting with a private waiting room, and all services are provided by me directing.


Grief and Loss

Many times we think of grieving as something we just do during the loss of a loved one. Of course, that is a major source of grief. However, we can grieve many types of losses; job, marriage, a place called home. And, there is unresolved grief that can be passed on from one generation to the next. No matter what the source, it can prevent one from experiencing timely and legitimate sorrow and loss. And, instead of experiencing the sorrow, different emotions can take their place; like anger, shame, guilt, etc., or destructive behaviors. Experiencing your grief and loss in a safe place, with a safe person, can liberate you to once again fully enjoy your life and relationships. Let me provide, for you, that safe place and person.

Anger Management

Anger is an uncomplicated emotion called consider to be a primary process emotion. There’s no real thinking about it to bring it on. Resentment is a secondary process emotion, and it’s something we “stew over.” Understanding the various types of anger is important in knowing how to control and express it appropriately. Also, understanding the flip-side anger, and the Adrenalin Response, fear, is an extremely important consideration in understanding one’s anger. Through psychotherapy, neurofeedback and biofeedback training, I can help you understand the sources of your anger, and develop control over it.


So few people really know how it feels to be depressed. They try and identify with the depressed person by telling them of their own experiences, when all they are typically describing is “feeling blue.” And, they try to tell the person what s/he should do to get out of their “funk;” leaving the depressed person feeling even more lonely, helpless, powerless and discouraged. Using psychotherapy and/or neurofeedback training, I can help you get to the source of your depression, and regain renewed hope and control over your life.

Family Therapy

Families are systems in themselves, not just the sum number of individuals. Each person in the family is struggling to get basic physical, emotional, psychological and attachment needs met, through another individual in the family, or from the family as a system. It is important to understand these system dynamics in order to open up ways to make these conscious and unconscious needs known, and communicated to one another. Doing so enables each family member to feel hopeful for the future, and empowered to take on the world. Let me help your family be a place of healing, growth and empowerment.


Who we are, and how we feel about ourselves is brought about, to a large extend, from what we’ve come to believe about ourselves, through others. And, how we feel about our lives, to a great extent, develops from what we have come to believe about the world, through others. Much of this belief is beyond our everyday awareness. A large part of my work is helping you uncovering these beliefs, and from whom they came. Once revealed, you can feel more freedom to develop your own beliefs about yourself and the world, which in turn leads to you changing your life more to what you’re desiring it to be.

Eating Disorders

Often, eating or not eating is a means to manage overwhelming feelings, and to regulate dis-regulated physiological states of arousal. Uncovering the origins of these overwhelming feelings is important, along with learning behavioral, cognitive and physiological means to control these dis-regulated states through neurofeedback and biofeedback. Before you can regulate them you must become aware of them. Let me help you take real control of your life. I have practiced psychotherapy for over 19 years, and neurofeedback and biofeedback training for over 15 years.


Addiction is an external means to regulate internal psychophysiological states of arousal. Along with individual therapy to better understand one’s internal psychological world, and group work to develop and maintain a means of accountability for one’s behavior and sobriety, neurofeedback and biofeedback training can help one develop their dis-regulated internal psychophysiological states through newly learned internal mechanisms. I have been helping people do so for over 15 years.

Anxiety and Stress Management

Di-stress leads to Di-sease. It’s quite a simple formula, but one which medical research bears out. It’s important to have a clear picture of one’s subjective experience of their anxiety and stress, but also it’s important to see underneath the surface. Using neurofeedback and biofeedback instrumentation, I can help you see a more complete picture of how you are responding to stress and anxiety, and to learn behavioral, cognitive and physiological strategies to manage them.

Young Children

Most of us remember the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes.” Often Calvin, the little boy, saw his parents as monsters when they lost their cool with him, or as giants when they became obstructions keeping him from his desires. And, often he would become a dinosaur in an attempt to inflate his sense of self, to feel safe in the face of fear, or to act out his aggression. An in-depth understanding of how a child develops psychological and physiological strategies to cope with powerful underlying emotions and corresponding physiological states they are not yet able to conceptualize, let alone regulate, is paramount in working with young children. Let me help your child to be the child of your hopes and dreams; happy, secure and empowered for life.

Couples - Marital/PreMarital

You often hear couples say: “we’ve just grown apart,” “we just can’t seem to communicate,” we were going along fine and then the wheels just seemed to fall off the wagon.” Often the problem is how each person attempts to get their needs met, while at the same time, they and the world around them is changing, resulting in ruptures in their relationship. Often, the means of getting one’s needs met must be renegotiated. Or, there may have been an outright break of trust causing ruptures in the relationship. Exploring whether trust can be restored requires both people working through and tolerating their own, and the others myriad of emotions. Let me help you restore your relationship.

Peak Performance

Some of us remember the opening phrase of ABC’s Wide World of Sports: “The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat.” I can’t remember the image of the victorious, however the agony of defeat was someone tumbling down a mountain side after falling from a down hill skiing event. The victories are mostly sweet, and the defeats can be devastating, physical, emotionally, and mentally.

Peak performance training is to aid a person in attaining the successes they strive for. And, sometimes it is for re-visiting the level of success one once had obtained, but for various reasons, lost. Then again, peak performance training is used to develop, maintain, or reacquire a high level of resiliency for when one does experience defeat. Peak performance training relies strongly on accurately assessing winning and losing behaviors evident from what’s occurring on the outside, but, also what is occurring on the inside, like mental images, self-talk, core beliefs, and the regulation or the lack of regulation of physiological states of arousal. This training can be helpful for athletes, performing artists, musicians and high-level company executives.

Let me help you reach or re-claim your full potential, in performance, and have the resiliency to never give up.


Are you in a failing relationship, or failing to attain your professional or academic desires?

Call me today to reclaim that meaningful relationship you desire, or to begin experiencing success in your vocation or studies. I have spent over fifteen years helping people develop, maintain, and revive meaningful long-term relationships, and achieve success in their work and studies. In working with individuals, couples and families, I look to the underlying drives and conflicts of the psyche, along with the self-regulatory and attachment needs of each unique person.

I also have practiced Neurofeedback training for over ten years, to aid individuals with ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, panic, sleep disorders, closed head injuries, irritable bowel syndrome, addictions, migraines, high blood pressure, autistic spectrum disorders and infants who cannot sleep. This modality has also been helpful in working on peak-performance issues with performing artists, athletes and business executives. It is also helpful in slowing down the progression of degenerative neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimers.

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